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About Me



Ashley is a survivor of many tragedies, adversities, and heartaches in life.  Over the years, she has experienced abandonment, orphanages, adoption, child abuse, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, suicide, alcoholism, discrimination, and addiction. Then there is just life. She shares these stories and how she managed to survive and thrive through it all.

As her stories unfold, you will hear how her tragedies didn’t define her, they strengthened her.  She told herself “Keep getting up” EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Until one day she was finally stripped down, and she slowly grew to be much stronger and created a toolkit for her overall wellbeing. As time passed and life continued, she realized that she was meant to do something bigger. Much bigger. She has a passion for helping others navigate through their pain and life challenges. She simply wants to “INspire You” and Anchor Souls ~ One step and one day at a time.

Ashley and her wife, reside in Maryland where they are raising their four furbabies and granddaughter.  Ashley has a daughter and two sons and her wife has a son (with a lil’ one on the way) and a daughter. Her hobbies include music, reading and traveling.

Available for Keynote, Inspirational, Motivational Speaking for local, national, private and public organizations. No audience is too small.

Life coaching and consulting are also available.