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Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Ashley Horner is a woman of true depth, character, and resilience. To truly get to know Ashley Horner, you need to peel back the layers of her life like an onion. Ashley is the owner of The Hire Group, LLC, a Baltimore-based, woman-owned, diverse certified, recruitment firm. The purpose of her business is “Bringing Back the Humans.” She wants to help businesses hire candidates who are the best fit, using methods tailored to each individual client. Her business specializes in helping Veterans and their families and the LGBTQ community secure employment. The Hire Group also provides resources that reach far beyond filling open roles and identifying a position. She has strategically partnered with women-owned, veteran owned, and minority-owned businesses to support a line of full services for both candidates and clients.

Ashley is also a voice and advocate for diversity including women’s rights, the LGBTQ community, addiction, mental health, abuse victims and much more. Ashley has survived tragedies, adversities, and heartaches during her lifetime. She has experienced abandonment, orphanages, adoption, child abuse, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, suicide, discrimination, and addiction. She has even donated a kidney to help a colleague. Despite all the uphill battles and challenges, she rises every day.

Tragedies do not define Ashley. They strengthen her. When Ashley hit rock bottom and trying to take her life by suicide, she made a decision to make a change. It was then that she slowly grew much stronger and even created a “mindset toolkit” for her overall well-being. Ashley’s mantra is “keep getting up.”  As time passed and life continued, Ashley realized that she was meant to do something greater, much greater.

Ashley is on a mission to help others navigate through their pain and life’s adversities. As Ashley says, “If I can help just one person.” Ashley cares so much for others who are suffering and wants to serve her community, so she founded Anchored Souls in April 2018. Her organization provides support for those enduring life’s challenges and worst tragedies and loss. As a full-time grandparent to her granddaughter, Ashley recently founded Anchored Kidz to support children with absent parents and their kinship caregivers. Her goal is to “Anchor The Future” by providing resources and support to families to remain united.

Ashley Horner is living out her dream, passion, and her “why” with her wife in Baltimore, Maryland. They are raising their four fur babies and a granddaughter. Ashley has a daughter and two sons. Her wife has a son and a daughter. Ashley would like to spread her positivity and motivation by speaking to organizations where her message will resonate, organize workshops and write a series of books. Her purpose is to help others heal and move forward in life to thrive.
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Available for Keynote, Inspirational, Motivational Speaking for local, national, private and public organizations. No audience is too small.

Life coaching and consulting are also available.