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It started with a trigger I was in the same room as my perpetrator

I panicked I tensed I shook I wanted to scream

That was one year ago today!

The next day, I knew it was time

To speakup to continue my healing

I used this very platform to begin sharing my story I launched my series MyAnchoredSoul

Then launched Anchored Souls ~ Motivational Speaking & Life Coaching because it quickly became apparent people needed this!

Next, a Podcast Anchored Souls UnCut with Darlene Garcia cohosting Today, in response to all of the media attention about sexual assault

My life has been bumpy. In fact, it has been hell

But now I can say that I am enjoying my journey

I have intentionally turned my tragedies into something for the better

Thank you for all that you have done to support and promote me Jennifer

Thanking others that have simply been an amazing part of my journey


Baltimore Sun Article – Sexual Assault Survivors

“As a survivor of sexual assault, Ashley Horner could not bring herself to watch Ford’s testimony Thursday. The Baltimore Sun does not typically name victims of sexual assault, but Horner, who speaks publicly about her experiences with her organization Anchored Souls, agreed to share her name.

When Horner overheard her son watching the Senate hearing on his phone Thursday evening, she had to ask him to put in earbuds. Hearing snippets of Ford’s testimony was a “trigger” her, she said Friday — she became upset recalling her own experiences.

“I’m not here to say this person is guilty or not, but I am upset with how these women are victimized again and again,” Horner said. “Nobody will take a stand to say ‘This happened to me,’ because there is such a stigma and you will be questioned and ridiculed.”

Horner said it took years to recall some of the specific memories tied to her assault — a parallel she recognized between her own story and Ford’s.

“I think, quite frankly, our brains do some really funky things when there’s trauma,” she said.




#YOUGOTTHIS Collaboration Project


A huge thanks to Jay Andrews and  Derek Chew in creating a collaboration project with LinkedIn Members and Influencers to include:

* Amy Perkins * Judi Fox * Michael Truong * Jake Jordan * Tabitha Trent Cavanaugh

* Lila Smith * Louise H Reid * Jay Andrews * Derek Chew * Kellan Barfield * Evans Duren

* Shelly Elsliger * Michelle Pena * Dave Carroll * Caleb K. Coy * Amber Peay

* Thomas Miller * Jim Mondry * John Carpenter * Anna Sabino

* Brian Schulman * Michael Henson * Ashley Horner

“We go through life searching for something to complete us — something the world tells us we need. Perfection.

And when we can’t find the impossible, we blame ourselves, we hide in the corner and dwell in what should be.

My friends, you need to focus on what is now, who you are and who you can be — because you owe it to yourself; to be a better version of you each and every day.

A few of us are pouring our hearts out to you today. We know there are many of you — like us — struggling in different areas; career, life, friendships, relationships, business, or personal battles.

We have something special for you — a reminder that you can go through this journey and come out stronger the other side.

An encouragement for you to know you have a family here and people who truly care and love you.

Lift your head up, and look ahead — because #YOUGOTTHIS” – Derek Chew

The Shine Counsel Podcast

“It was our pleasure this episode to speak with Ashley, she is an inspiring woman in so many ways.  This episode does, however, come with a trigger warning as we talk about suicide, suicidal ideation, and addiction.”  You can find support resources here


Step Up Into Courage Talks with Omozua Isiramen

It is was an honor to discuss and hear the inspiring of this amazing woman. (trigger warning)


Podcast with Sarah Elkins

Ashley Horner shares insights that inspire and touch the core of my soul: what get’s her up every day, her big WHY, what makes adversity her buzzword and what she hopes to accomplish.

She is an adopted daughter, energetic, a survivor of abuse, a wife, a proud mother, full-time grandma.  Optimistic Founder of the Hire Group which is all about putting the “human” back into hiring. Dedicated founder of Anchored Souls & the newly launched Anchored Kidz which provides assistance, resources, and support to children with absent parents that are being raised by extended family members. I hope you enjoy the short excerpt below from our long talk. 

If you are not yet connected with Ashley Horner, I recommend you do. She is a unique soul, down-to-earth and a great person to learn from. To hear more about the Anchored Kidz, please see the link below where she shares a little more about the work she does and how one can support the cause.