“I do appreciate your content and your honest voice. Not that you need to hear it I expect, but your unique story-telling ability is something the world benefits from. Thanks for sharing”

“Thank you for sharing 💜💜 your story and more so your courage, your resilience, your strength and kindness touch my soul!”

“You’re such a strong woman. Thank you for sharing your story!”

‘Thank you so much for sharing and lending your voice to many others.”

“I seriously adore all of the heart you have that you continue to give. Never stop sharing your stories!!”

“Thank you, Ashley, your story is heartbreaking and inspirational”

“I wish I could express how much of an inspiration you have been.”

“I wanted to tell you personally that it’s truly amazing how far you’ve come. I love that you can share something so personal, not break down, and still evoke strong emotions. Keep sharing and inspiring!

“Your courage and candor to speak openly inspired me and gave me hope to know that I’m not alone.”

“Your story is one that’s nothing short of admirable. Much respect to you, Ash!”

“Great testimony! You’re bringing healing to our future generations.”

“Powerful sharing of your testimony! You have survived the storms of this situation. Continue to speak because God is giving you, your family and people peace and healing through this.”

“So moving and honest.”

“Really I agree with you. The story about you, your past, your families struggle with addiction is really appreciated. Every person faces a hard time of his life. But the most important thing is to fight against it. And you will win. Really the words of the story touched my heart. Thanks a lot, dear Ashley for this motivational sharing. Stay blessed.”

“WOW, Ashley such a powerful and heart-wrenching message.”

“Your stories are extremely powerful, heartfelt and plausible. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. You are an inspiration to me in many ways and I just wanted to share my gratitude.”